Sanford Stadium - Home of the UGA Bulldogs

June 15, 2023

Built in 1929, and with a capacity of 92,746, Sanford Stadium is the ninth-biggest college football stadium in the country. Home of the legendary UGA Bulldogs, this beautiful stadium is known for its hedges that surround the field and a number of other famous traditions.

Located in the heart of campus, this stadium has been a source of pride for generations of fans and students alike. With its classic architecture, stunning hedges, and a perfect location, this stadium is one of the most recognizable in all of college football.

The hedges that surround the field were first planted in 1927 by Steadman Sanford, and have since become a symbol of UGA football. Sanford believed that he could use the hedges to create a sense of mystique and make his team stand out from other teams in college football. He chose privet hedges because they were easy to maintain and fit the climate of Athens well. Other SEC stadiums have copied the idea of hedges around their fields, but the University of Georgia’s remains the only one to completely enclose its playing field with them.

Another popular feature of the stadium is its view of the university’s campus and surrounding pageantry. While the university has considered expanding the stadium to include more seats on the east side, they have been hesitant to do so due to concerns about the view from the Sanford Drive bridge and also about preserving views of the Miller Learning Center and Tate Student Center.


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