Season 5 - What Car Does Beth Dutton Drive?

December 4, 2023

The neo-western Yellowstone may revolve around life on the Dutton Ranch but Beth (Kelly Reilly) has a lot more going on for her than riding horses and wrangling cattle. She is a multifaceted, fearless, and dominant presence with a fierce personality that is reflected by her choice of vehicles. Beth has owned several eye-catching cars in the series, including a Dodge Durango SRT and a Mercedes-AMG GT. She is also a finance broker and has the money to support her lavish lifestyle.

In the third season, Beth primarily drove a Mercedes-AMG E63 S Black. This luxury vehicle features a V8 engine and comes in both coupe and roadster models. It was first manufactured in 2017 and retails for close to $164,000. In the fourth season, Beth was seen transferring over to a Mercedes-AMG GT. This car is similar to the E63 S Black but with slight differences. It is equipped with a V8 engine and offers off-the-charts performance.

For the fifth season, it appears Beth has traded her Mercedes-AMG GT for a Bentley Continental GT. This luxurious vehicle is not cheap, with prices starting at $200,000 and going up. It's possible that Beth will continue to drive the Bentley for the rest of the season, as it suits her regal personality. We will have to wait and see if she has any other changes to her automobile lineup in the future. In the meantime, check out some pictures of Beth's new ride below.


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