SOAR Transportation Group Merges With Network Transport

August 9, 2023

The temperature-controlled truckload transportation industry is getting a new major player thanks to a series of mergers. Asset-based reefer carrier SOAR Transportation Group out of Salt Lake City and freight brokerage Network Transport out of Chattanooga merged this summer to create a combined entity that runs 425 refrigerated trucks from Salt Lake and Dallas and arranges freight shipments nationwide out of three brokerage offices in Salt Lake, Dallas and Chattanooga. The resulting firm does $250 million in annual revenue, most of it from the truckload carrier side.

SOAR’s new leadership team has been instrumental in the company’s rebranding and growth. The team includes 18-year veteran Cody Isaacson, who serves as president of SOAR, and Chattanooga’s David Ferguson, who oversees the consolidated brokerage operation as CEO of Network. Ferguson is also chairman of SOAR. Ben Gordon, who was previously Network’s chief operating officer, now oversees the Chattanooga office as general manager.

SOAR is working to establish itself as a leading freight management company. The company is currently one of the largest in its category in the country and has a state-of-the-art fleet that includes 235 tractors and 350 temperature-controlled trailers. SOAR’s fleet is backed by a nationwide network of freight brokers and is capable of transporting any type of freight, from standard dry van to high-value products such as medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. The company also operates a truckload brokerage division.


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