St Louis Transportation Museum

August 9, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of being a fighter pilot, soaring through the clouds like a daredevil? Or a racecar driver, driving with the precision of a viper and the guts of steel? Or a railway master, riding atop an engine, rushing along the tracks at top speed? At st louis transportation museum, you can live out all of these fantasies.

Founded in 1944, the st louis transportation museum houses one of the largest collections of locomotives and railroad equipment in the country. Its collection also includes cars, boats, planes, and other transportation-related exhibits.

The museum's collection is mostly outdoors, with a small indoor gallery as well. Most of the trains are in working condition, but some are undergoing maintenance. There is also a miniature train that runs from March to November whenever the museum is open, and a trolley circling the parking lot during the weekend.

There's a little something here for everyone, from the kids who can climb inside some of the trains to car buffs who can admire the historic vehicles on display (ranging from a 1915 Model T to Bobby Darin's 1960 dream car). The st louis transportation museum is worth the trip for anyone who loves to see what America was once all about.

Some visitors note that the museum is a bit crowded, especially on weekends and during school breaks. Nevertheless, most recent visitors have said that it's an excellent place to spend a day.


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