Suffolk Transportation Service Inc

August 9, 2023

Suffolk Transportation Service Inc operates as a bus company. The Company provides school, public transit and adult and constitution transportation offerings. Suffolk Transportation Service Inc generates 25% of its energy from solar power and makes annual investments in its fleet to ensure that it's as efficient and environmentally-pleasant as possible. Suffolk Transportation Services also strives to supply a safe, secure and reliable service to its personnel and the groups they serve.

The Company has five facilities in Bay Shore, Brentwood, Ronkonkoma, Coram, and Islip. Suffolk Transportation Service has received recognitions such as NY Bus Contractor Association's "Contractor of the Year". It also has a new facility in Coram built with IDA assistance that houses 300 buses, which represents over a quarter of its entire bus fleet.

suffolk transportation service inc average salary is $252,905 in the United States. Company salaries vary depending on position, responsibilities, and other job-related factors. suffolk transportation service inc may also offer employees benefits such as health insurance, vacation and sick days, and retirement planning.

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