The Different Colors and Shapes of Road Signs

October 10, 2023

The colors and shapes of road signs convey important messages to motorists. Each color and shape has an exact meaning, so it is important to be familiar with them. Some signs are permanent while others are transient, such as the orange ones used in construction zones. They are meant to alert drivers of any possible hazards and encourage them to use extra caution when driving in those areas.

When you see a sign with the words “NO PASSING ZONE” on it, this means that your lane of travel will soon merge with another roadway or ramp. If you encounter this on a highway, it is best to reduce your speed and allow other traffic to merge into your lane.

On some multilane highways, you may encounter a sign with the word “ADDED LANE.” This means that there is an additional lane for vehicles to merge into from a one-way roadway or ramp. It is best to slow down and be ready to merge into the new lane to avoid traffic jams and roadblocks.

Added lane signs are usually found near intersections with multiple roadways or ramps. This can also be seen on multilane roads where two roadways meet. The added lane may be for turning or passing, depending on the direction the arrows point. If the arrows are pointing left, this means that the lane is for left-turning traffic only and should not be used for through or passing traffic.


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