The Dot Service Animal Air Transportation Form

August 9, 2023

The dot service animal air transportation form is a legal document that was released by the Department of Transportation (DOT). It allows airlines to request documentation from passengers traveling with a service dog. This documentation can include proof of the dog’s training, good behavior, and health. The DOT also requires the owner to acknowledge that the dog must be leashed or tethered and under control during the entire flight. If the dog causes any damage, the airline can charge the passenger for repairs.

The first section of the DOT form requests basic information about the owner and their service dog. This includes the handler and user’s names, a contact phone number and email address as well as a description of the dog. The handler and user do not have to be the same person, but if they are, this should be noted on the form.

In addition to the DOT form, service animal owners will also need to complete a Relief Attestation Form. This form is required for all flights longer than eight hours, and it asks about the animals’ elimination habits. The Seeing Eye does not object to this new rule, but we do oppose DOT’s proposal that airlines require service animal handlers to check in an hour prior to the general public to ensure that paperwork can be submitted and observed by airline personnel. This would impose an unnecessary burden on people with disabilities. The Seeing Eye urges DOT to reconsider its proposed requirements.


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