The Importance of Land Transportation in Tarakan City

August 9, 2023

Land transportation is an essential part of the economy, from a small supplier sending packages to a local store or e-commerce site to a large truck transporting materials across the country. It also serves as an anchor leg in the supply chain relay race that connects products and consumers, and it has evolved alongside mankind for millennia. Air and ocean transport might be indifferent to mankind's best-laid plans, but roads and railways are the enduring legacy of generations of trailblazers.

The demand for land transportation is increasing in Tarakan City, both in terms of quality and quantity. Users are looking for a service that is cheap, smooth, fast, safe, organized, and comfortable. In addition, it is important to take measures to save the environment while moving towards innovation inland transportation.

Despite the many improvements made to land transportation, it has several disadvantages. The accident rate is high, and it cannot cover longer distances. Additionally, it is one of the most polluting means of transportation. To minimize the negative impact on the environment, it is necessary to implement a policy to reduce the use of fuel and improve safety. In addition, it is necessary to provide legal protection for the rights of the people who use this type of transport. In this way, we can make progress in ensuring that the development of land transportation is sustainable. In line with the economic goals, ANTT has the role of regulating and supervising the land transportation sector. This is done through the implementation of policies formulated by direct administration and public hearings, which are intended to clarify the legislation and concession and permission contracts as well as to prevent situations that are in violation of the economic order.


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