The Importance of NAICs Code Transportation

August 10, 2023

The naics code transportation that you receive for your business is important. It is used by insurance companies to classify your business for a variety of reasons including pricing, premiums and even exclusions.

The industry code for a business depends on what type of trucking you are doing and the services offered. The main naics code for the trucking industry is 484 with specific industries within this sector being subdivided further. For example, local general freight trucking is classified under the naics code 484110 while specialized freight trucking is under naics code 484220.

Whether your business is doing long haul or local trucking can change how much you pay for commercial insurance. It also determines the types of risks you will face and how much credit your business can get. Freight trucking long distance typically involves overnight stays at trucks stops and is categorized in a different final level naics code than local or specialized trucking.

The naics codes for trucking are categorized into the following groups:


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