The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

August 9, 2023

The minitry of transportation ontario is a provincial department responsible for transport infrastructure and related law in Ontario. It traces its roots back over a century, to the creation in 1916 of the Ministry of Public Highways and its work on establishing a network of leading roads throughout the province as provincial highways (designated King’s highways in 1930).

The ministry is responsible for all aspects of the province’s transportation network, including traffic management, highway construction and maintenance, licensing of vehicles and drivers, enforcement of road laws and regulations by the Ontario Provincial Police, and the administration of the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration/New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program. The Ministry is committed to improving the safety and mobility of people and goods by reducing congestion, improving accessibility, and fostering innovation.

In December 2015, the Ministry of Transportation suspended its environmental assessment of the GTA West highway corridor in order to conduct an internal review and ensure that the project remains aligned with changes in government policy in the region (e.g. commitment to regional express rail) and emerging technologies.

The ministry uses a centralized Real-time Logistics System (RLSO) to manage its fleet of more than 13,000 vehicles, and to provide services such as driver licensing and registration. RLSO is a sophisticated, enterprise services-based platform that replaces manual and paper-based processes with an automated system of transaction processing and information flow. It is available to all ministry agencies and is designed to eliminate redundant and time-consuming tasks. The system also provides a consolidated view of fleet information and facilitates collaboration across agencies.


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