The Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

August 10, 2023

The Transportation Technology Center (TTC) is a railroad equipment testing facility northeast of Pueblo, Colorado. The site is owned by the Federal Railroad Administration and operated by ENSCO, Inc. under an Indefinite Duration, Indefinite Quantity contract. ENSCO conducts research, development, testing, engineering and training services at the TTC to support FRA’s mission to integrate rail, ground and air transportation innovation, drive technological innovation, encourage positive change and create opportunity.

TTCI works with freight and passenger railroads, suppliers, government agencies and other industry entities to develop new technologies for rail transportation applications in North America and internationally. The company offers engineering, vehicle performance monitoring, computer modeling and railway problem-solving services. Its 48 miles of test tracks can be used for track structure and vehicle performance tests, life-cycle prediction and component reliability tests, traction motor fatigue testing, lading damage prevention evaluations and freight ride quality/passenger comfort tests.

In addition, TTCI offers surface transportation security training for TSA inspectors and other government security partners. By combining TTC's research capabilities with the expertise of the Transportation Security Administration and other state and local security organizations, the Surface Technology Security Training Center at TTC serves as a one-stop shop for training programs.

The TTC is a valuable asset that enhances the transportation industry's ability to improve safety and efficiency. TTCI looks forward to working with all government, commercial and educational entities interested in conducting work at TTC. This includes attracting technical talent to Pueblo, supporting the Pueblo economy and fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders across the country and around the world.


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