There is a Single Clunk When Starting My Car

December 19, 2023

There is a single clunk when starting my car and it has never been like that before. It is right after it starts and the sound seems to be on the front passenger side. It doesn't seem to change with the steering wheel or braking.

There are a lot of things that could be making that clunking noise. I would recommend having a professional check it out so that the problem can be diagnosed and repaired. The sooner it gets fixed the better.

This clunking noise is most likely caused by loose or worn belts. When the engine is cold, the belts are not up to speed and their pulleys will knock against the starter motor shaft. This can cause the starter to break free or get hung up on something.

The clunking noise could also be caused by a loose clutch or broken clutch disc. This is a major repair and will cost a lot of money. The mechanic will have to remove the transmission and transfer case to find out if it is the clutch or the gears.

If the clutch is worn out it will have to be replaced. This is a big job and will take a while. The car will have to be taken to a shop that specializes in repairs on these vehicles. They will replace the clutch with a new one and install it in the vehicle. They will also install a new tensioner and idler pulleys. The transmission fluid will have to be flushed and replaced to remove any metal shavings that may be in it.


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