Things to Do in Abilene, Texas

February 11, 2023

things to do in abilene

Abilene, Texas is home to a wealth of attractions that make it a great destination for all types of travelers. If you’re looking to get outside, relax by the water, or satisfy your inner art and culture enthusiast, Abilene has plenty of things to offer.

Museums & Galleries

The Abilene Museum of Fine Arts is a beautiful place to visit with your family or friends. It offers five different galleries and rotating exhibits, so you’ll have a lot to choose from. It also has a children’s museum, so the kids can learn all about the art and history of Abilene.

Historic Buildings & Sites

Abilene has a number of historic buildings, including a schoolhouse, jail, post office, and a cabin that are worth taking a stroll through. You can also tour the renowned Swenson House, which is a must-see if you want to get a sense of what life was like in Abilene during the early days.

Shopping & Dining

With a bustling downtown and year-round family attractions, Abilene is a great place for families to spend time together. There are a wide variety of shops and restaurants, including the Mall of Abilene, which is home to dozens of stores.

Entertainment & Music

One of the best ways to experience Abilene is through the local music scene. There are a number of venues that host live music every day. Some of them include Potosi Live, Betty Rose’s Little Brisket, The Mill, Mulligan’s and Lytle Land & Cattle.


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