Things to Do in Cookeville Tn

February 11, 2023

things to do in cookeville tn

Things To Do In Cookeville Tn

Whether you want to enjoy the scenic countryside, visit one of the local parks or shop at the unique boutiques and stores, there are plenty of ways to spend your time in this charming little town. Located in the Tennessee Valley just east of Nashville, Cookeville is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Explore the History Museum

The Cookeville History Museum is a fascinating place to learn more about the history of Putnam County and Cookeville. It offers a number of programs and exhibits to educate people about the area's history, including a self-guided permanent exhibition on the community's past and a carefully constructed timeline covering events from just over a century ago to the present.

Go on a History Hike

A history hike is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the local culture and discover the rich heritage of the region. The Cookeville History Museum hosts these hikes every second Saturday of the month from May to October.

Enjoy a Night of Entertainment

The Backdoor Playhouse is one of the most popular theaters in town. It has entertained people for over 60 years and is considered to be the best-performing theatre in town.

Attend a Vols Game

The Volunteer football team is a must-see for any fan and is known for their passion, high-quality play on the field and their passionate fans. They have a huge fan base and are considered to be the best in the country.


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