Things to Do in Jefferson City, MO

February 11, 2023

things to do in jefferson city mo

Jefferson City is a quaint little river town that attracts serious history buffs, but it’s also loaded with weird, wacky and delicious fun for the whole family. If you’re planning a family staycation in Missouri, then Jefferson City is the perfect destination.

The capital of Missouri, Jefferson City is a quaint and enchanting town that is filled with prestigious landmarks, historical buildings, and unique architecture. It is also home to the State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion, making it one of the most historic cities in America.

A must-visit attraction in Jefferson City is the Governor’s Mansion, which is an 1872 Neo-Renaissance mansion that used to house the state’s governor and his family. It is a classic piece of architecture that will take you back in time to a simpler time.

Another stunning architectural gem in Jefferson City is the State Capitol Building, which was built in 1917 and is a striking example of American architecture. The building has a gorgeous white dome and grand interior that will appeal to any history buff.

If you’re looking to see some local art, then the Miller Performing Arts Center is a great option. It hosts a variety of theater, music, dance, and comedy shows throughout the year.

Encompassing over 165 acres of land, the North Jefferson City Recreation Area is an outdoor space that offers numerous activities for people of all ages. It features hiking trails, biking paths, dog parks, boating, and more.


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