Things to Do in Port Huron, Michigan

March 9, 2023

things to do in port huron michigan

If you are visiting Port Huron, you should check out some of the many great things to do in this city. These things range from hiking to boating to shopping and more!

Located on the waterfront, Port Huron is home to a variety of historic attractions. You can find everything from a lighthouse to a museum and plenty of activities for the whole family!

Blue Water River Walk

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to stroll along the waterfront, you should check out the Blue Water River Walk. This nearly one mile stretch of land is located in Port Huron and is a great spot to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenic views.

It features a trail, converted ferry dock and fishing pier as well as public art. It also provides a place for wildlife to rest and is wheelchair accessible.

In addition, it is a great place for families to spend time together. There is plenty of space for kids to play in the grass and splash in the clear waters of Lake Huron.

In addition, the Blue Water River Walk is home to the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History. This museum has thousands of objects and archival items that relate to the history, pre-history and culture of the Blue Water Area.

Huron Lightship Museum

The Huron Lightship Museum is a maritime museum that offers visitors an opportunity to explore the history of the Great Lakes and the role that lighthouses played in the region. The museum is open from May to October and is located in Port Huron, Michigan.

The first lightships were used in the 1820s to help mariners navigate areas of deep or rough water that made constructing a permanent lighthouse impractical. These vessels were anchored in places that could not be accessed by a lighthouse, such as Corsica Shoals, six miles north of Port Huron where ships often ground during the 1800s.

Commissioned in 1921, the 97-foot Huron served as a Great Lakes relief vessel. It was assigned to Corsica Shoals in 1935, where it guided ships into the narrow dredged channel between Lake Michigan and the St. Clair River for over 50 years. She was decommissioned in 1970 and presented to the City of Port Huron. Today, she is permanently moored in Pine Grove Park.

Port Huron Museum of Arts and History

The Port Huron Museum of Arts and History is a community-driven institution dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of local, regional, and Great Lakes art, history, and culture. It is the only year-round, multi-disciplinary cultural institution in Michigan's Thumb Region.

It is housed in a historic Carnegie Library, and provides exhibitions and programs relating to local history, fine arts (with an emphasis on regional art), decorative arts, natural history, and Great Lakes marine lore.

A new exhibit, "Holography: The Michigan Medium," opens August 13. This exhibit will feature over 18 works of holograms, and explore their fascinating technology.

In addition, the museum has a collection of handmade ships and freighter models and features three to four major exhibits annually. It also houses a turn-of-the-century ship's pilot house and cabin.

Blue Water Trolley Tour

The Blue Water Trolley Tour is a cost-effective way to visit many of the city's points of interest. This one-hour ride costs just 10 cents per person (or five cents for senior citizens or people with valid Medicare cards).

The Trolley offers a variety of stops, including several downtown attractions. It also connects with Port Huron's city-wide transit system, so it's easy to get around the town.

Known as the Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes, Port Huron's history revolves heavily around the waters. The city is home to a historic lighthouse, plenty of ship-watching and boat races, as well as a broad collection of museums, dining and shopping.

The Great Lakes Maritime Center is a perfect place to learn about the area's maritime history. The museum, located at the intersection of the Black River and St. Clair River, features videos, displays and speaker programs as well as live underwater video feeds.


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