Things to Do in San Luis Potosi

March 8, 2023

things to do in san luis potosi

San Luis Potosi is an exciting, historic city bursting with culture and outdoor adventures. If you love cultural trips and fun outdoor activities, plan a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site soon.

One of the best places to experience San Luis Potosi’s colonial architecture is the imposing Templo de San Francisco, a baroque-era temple that dominates the enchanting Jardn de San Francisco. This shady square also boasts an 18th-century church and several Colonial-Era statues.

Catedral de San Luis Potosi

The Catedral de San Luis Potosi is a historic monument and one of the most beautiful buildings in this city. Its Baroque facade is adorned with statues of the apostles, while its two big bell towers are impressive as well.

The palatial church was constructed in 1670 and finished in 1730. Inside, the interiors are decorated by Italian architects Claudio Molina and Giuseppe Compiani.

It also houses the Mercado Hidalgo, where you can find souvenirs and local goods. Here, you can buy prickly pears, Mexican textiles, silver jewelry, toys, and pozole bowls.

Basilica Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

One of the most famous religious sites in Mexico, the Basilica Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe attracts millions of pilgrims each year. It marks the site where a converted indigenous peasant claimed to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary.

He told his bishop that she appeared to him twice on Tepeyac Hill, and that her image was emblazoned on his cloak. The bishop believed him and built a shrine in honor of her.

The basilica is currently being renovated to better protect the image of the Virgin. The new building features seven massive doors that receive pilgrims from the atrium and allows them to get close to the image.

Parque Tangamanga

The sprawling Parque Tangamanga is the green lung of San Luis Potosi and one of Mexico’s largest inner-city parks. Its grassy lawns, lakes and trails provide a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Its sports courts, picnic grounds and aquatic park offer plenty of activities for visitors. It also has a hands-on science museum.

A must-visit attraction, the Leonora Carrington Museum pays tribute to renowned Mexican surrealist artist Carrington’s paintings, sculptures, and novel works. Her art inspired a deep reflection on the human condition and their place in society.

The Hidalgo Market has served as SLP’s economic center since 1945 and is a great place to shop for local Mexican products, fashion items, handicrafts, and souvenirs. You can find locally produced prickly pears, Mexican textiles, and silver jewelry here.

Camino Real de Tierra Adentro

Before Spanish explorers arrived, indigenous peoples blazed pathways and trade corridors to connect Mexico's ancient cultures with the equally ancient cultures of the American Southwest. These footpaths and trails eventually became a road called the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, or the "Royal Road to the Interior."

The route was primarily used for silver mining, but it served many other purposes as well. It also played a vital role in the ongoing process of converting American Indians to Christianity.

Cathedral of St. Louis the King

Located in the historic center of the state capital, the Cathedral of St. Louis the King is a Catholic cathedral and functions as the seat of the archdiocese.

The church is dedicated to the Saint Louis, King of France, and features a large stone facade designed in the Baroque style. It also has two large statues.

A sculpted figure of San Sebastian stands at the base of one of the Doric columns that frame the entrance to the main nave. He was a captain of the Praetorian Guard who converted to Christianity and was later martyred for it.

The cathedral is the oldest church in the city and the first cathedral west of the Mississippi River. It was constructed in 1834 and is now a national landmark. It is open to visitors daily.


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