Things to Do in Somerville, Massachusetts

March 8, 2023

things to do in somerville mass

Located near Boston, Somerville is a city that offers plenty of things to do. Whether you want to relax and have fun or want to learn something new, you can always find something that interests you here!

If you love chocolate, be sure to visit Somerville Chocolate. This chocolate is made using a community-supported agricultural process that allows you to see the entire production cycle of this delicious treat!

Minuteman Bikeway

The Minuteman Bikeway, one of the most successful and popular trails in the country, is a scenic ride that carries historical significance as it passes through where the American Revolution began. The 10.1-mile bikeway connects the town of Cambridge with Arlington, Lexington, and Bedford, providing an excellent way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

The trail was created on an old railroad bed, and is a favorite with cyclists and pedestrians alike. It runs ten miles from Bedford Center through Lexington Center to the Alewife MBTA station and offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including jogging paths, kid's play areas, and large green spaces.

The trail also celebrates railroad history, including the Boston & Main Railroad car that's currently being restored at Bedford Depot Park for display and education. A group called the Friends of the Community Path is advocating for an extension of this well-loved path to Cambridge and the Charles River. See the project's page for more information.

Brooklyn Boulders

Whether you’re looking for a day out with the family or an adventure to get your blood pumping, Somerville is full of things to do that will keep your entire group happy and entertained. From shopping at Assembly Row to a gander at the Museum of Modern Renaissance, you can easily fill a full day here.

You could even go on a food tour to sample the delicious cuisines Somerville has to offer! You could also enjoy a relaxing drink at any of the many neighborhood pubs.

Somerville is known for its spirited character, which comes from its mustering grounds during the Civil War. Davis Square is one of the most lively areas in this town, with quirky shops, cafes and bars.

But it isn’t just about spicing up your life; Somerville is also home to a world-class art museum, a family-friendly amusement park, and a must-visit for climbers. With this list of the top things to do in Somerville, you can plan a trip that fits your style and will make memories to last a lifetime!

Castle Island

Castle Island offers a variety of activities for all ages. It features great views of Boston Harbor, an old fort, and plenty of picnic areas.

It also has a small beach and playground, perfect for kids. You can watch planes fly in over the harbor and sailboats glide by.

There are two loops around Castle Island, with plenty of scenic points and benches to relax on. You can also walk, run, rollerblade, or ride a bike here.

The beach is another great spot for families, with a small fenced playground near the shore that’s ideal for young children. The water is clean and the sand is soft, making it perfect for swimming.

The fort is also a popular attraction, with many tours offered in the summer. It’s a good place to visit if you want to learn more about the area’s military history.

Museum of Modern Renaissance

If you’re looking for an unusual museum to visit, the Museum of Modern Renaissance is the place to go. This former Masonic lodge is transformed into a one-of-a-kind artwork by Russian artists Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina, who have painted floor-to-ceiling murals inside and out that hypnotize.

The couple converted the building into a private home and art studio, and they change the pieces as they see fit. They call their style “mystical realism” and claim that their work can transform reality.

They also host concerts throughout the year, bringing a blend of music and art to their home. The main hall is a relic from the past, with impeccable acoustics that accentuate the sound of the musicians performing there.

This is one of the most unique museums to visit in Somerville, so make sure you put it on your list when you’re visiting! It’s sure to be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family.


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