Tips for Safe Driving When Sharing the Road With a Light Rail Vehicle

February 11, 2023

when sharing the road with a light rail vehicle

When Sharing the Road with a Light Rail Vehicle

Drivers of light rail vehicles, including trams, trolleys and streetcars, have the same rights and responsibilities on public roadways as other motorists. However, light rail vehicles have limitations that make them more difficult to drive and require special care.

Be alert and watch out for light rail vehicles as they enter or leave the roadway, especially when they are passing slower than you expect them to. Always let a light rail vehicle pass first before making your turn, and avoid turning in front of them or staying in their blind spots.

Safety Zones

When you see a safety zone, it is a space set aside for pedestrians boarding and leaving trolleys or light rail vehicles. These are usually indicated by raised buttons or markers on the roadway near where these vehicles stop to pick up or let off passengers.

Remember that trolleys and light rail vehicles move more slowly than freight trains, so they are louder. Also, they have large blind spots that make them more susceptible to accidents with other vehicles.

Don't use your phone while driving.

The use of mobile devices while driving increases the risk of accident. If you must use your phone while driving, be sure to keep it in a safe place and away from traffic.

Don't ignore speed limits and road signs.

When you share the road with a light rail vehicle, obey all the speed limit signs and traffic signs that are posted for the roadway.


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