Top 5 Transportation Books For Preschoolers

August 9, 2023

If your preschooler loves cars, trucks, planes and trains then you need to add these awesome transportation books to their book collection! With fun rhyming stories, these children’s books will encourage their imaginations to soar. Plus, they will be perfect for your next storytime or for a transportation-themed learning lesson.

Cars on the Go

Introducing your little ones to a range of different cars with this bright and colourful board book. From a race car to a fire engine, this book is full of action and adventure that will excite your preschoolers.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Introduce a wide variety of vehicles to your young children with this funny and easy-to-read picture book. Young readers will enjoy this laugh-out-loud story and its catchy rhymes.

Construction Vehicles

Meet a big bulldozer, a rusty dump truck and more in this bright and colourful picture book about construction workers. Kids will love reading about the jobs these trucks do and comparing them to their own.


Take a ride with your little one on this exciting plane book that features beautiful illustrations and a charming story. Children will love hearing about how the plane flies through the sky, and will learn about all the important parts of the aircraft.


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