Transportation Museum in St Louis

August 9, 2023

If you are an avid train or automobile fan this is the place for you. The museum is located in southwestern St Louis near the Kirkwood suburb and was founded in 1944. The museum features one of the largest collections of large steam locomotives in the country including a UP Big Boy 4006.

There are also numerous displays of cars, boats and airplanes as well as a full sized trolley that operates on the main track at the museum. The museum is huge so wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat in the summer and plan to spend two or more hours at the facility.

You can access the cabs of many of the trains and there are plenty of other exhibits that allow you to climb around on old vehicles. The museum also has a restaurant and kids birthday party area so you can make it a long day of fun. The admission price includes a short train ride (weather permitting).

The museum is a great place to take photos of the large locomotives and there are several sheltered areas that you can get into to photograph the large pieces of equipment. It is possible to get close enough to touch the engines but you do have to be careful. The museum is a very impressive collection and it is worth visiting. You will find that the staff are very helpful and they can answer your questions about the museum.


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