Transportation on St Thomas

August 9, 2023

The Administration plans, constructs, improves, and operates State roads and bridges. It may also operate supplementary facilities, if necessary (Code Transportation Article, secs. 6-101 through 6-602). The Adminstration also provides administrative services for these facilities, such as maintenance, security, and accounting.

Thomas Rice serves as a research scientist at the Safe Transportation Research & Education Center. His research focuses on motorcycle safety, occupant restraint systems, and law enforcement traffic crash data analysis. He has worked as a consultant for several organizations including the Interstate Commerce Commission, Maryland State Department of Transportation, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In recent years the popularity of private car services on St. Thomas has grown as travellers desire to travel in comfort, have their specific needs met and customize their experience. Private cars are available to rent for airport transfers, tours, events, and other custom arrangements. Accessible private vehicles are also available for those with special needs.

Taxis are abundant and well organized on the island. Licensed taxis are regulated by the VI Taxicab Commission and rates are fixed by destination. They are commonly found at the airport, cruise ship docks, resorts, and popular beaches and attractions. A few major resorts on the island also offer private ferry service for their guests, such as the Westin ferry between St. Thomas and St. John, and Lovango Resort & Beach Club ferry between St. Thomas and Lovango for their resort, restaurant, and beach club customers.


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