Transportation One

August 9, 2023

Transportation One is a non-asset transportation brokerage offering full service logistics solutions. T1's innovative and energetic team understands the ever-changing needs of shippers and carriers alike.

T1 has a strong culture and a dedicated team who is committed to the success of our clients and carriers. The Company prides itself on being a leader in the transportation industry. T1 is a growth-oriented company that values integrity, innovation and a positive work environment.

Historically, transport systems have developed at local, regional and global scales simultaneously. They facilitate movements between locations, and thus shape social interactions, economic processes, and the structure and organization of space and territories. Rapid urbanization, economic globalization and the increasing importance of intercontinental trade have made transport a central force in transforming societies.

Transport systems are often organized as chains or networks of modes and terminals, with different modes handling either passenger or freight transport, or both. Some examples are rail and road transport, sea and air shipping, ferries, airports, and buses. There are also other modes of transport that do not fit into the traditional categories, such as pipelines (where liquid and gases are sent), cable transport, and space travel.

The purpose of the research in this cluster is to develop better understanding of the nature of the demand for transport services and the development of methods for their evaluation. This requires the application of analytical models and concepts from other fields, such as economic geography, industrial ecology, and supply chain management. The massive diffusion of computer hardware and software has allowed researchers to access a wide variety of data sources and perform analyses that were previously impractical or impossible.


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