Types of Construction Safety Signs

March 17, 2024

When it comes to construction, there are many potential hazards that could cause severe injury or even death if they aren’t properly marked. This is why it’s so important for contractors to put up the correct construction safety signs throughout their work zones, and to reassess them regularly to make sure they’re still relevant.

The most common types of construction site safety signs are Danger Signs, Warning Signs, and Caution Signs. Danger signs indicate a serious threat that could cause severe injuries or even death, while warning and caution signs warn of threats that could lead to minor injuries. The wording on these types of safety signs should be clearly visible to everyone in the vicinity, and they can be a variety of colours depending on their meaning.

In addition to these hazard warnings, there are also safety signs that encourage people to stay aware of the dangers in a particular area. These motivational construction signs may feature messages like “Think Safety First,” and help create a positive and safety-conscious workplace. Coroplast signs can be used to promote the construction company and project, as well, and they often include a company logo or detailed project information.

Mandatory safety signs display actions that must be followed to keep workers and people in the surrounding area safe, such as 'Hard hats required' or 'High visibility clothing must be worn'. These hazard signs usually have a white background, black lettering or symbols, and blue circles that represent the mandatory action. They must be displayed prominently on every construction site.


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