UAB Transportation Provides a Sustainable Network for Students, Employees and Faculty

August 9, 2023

A sustainable transportation network is one of the key components to UAB’s sustainability strategic plan. Andre Davis, director of uab transportation, has made reducing UAB’s dependence on single-occupancy vehicles a major focus for his department.

Davis and his team work to encourage students, employees and faculty to use alternatives to driving alone through a variety of methods. Whether it’s a bus, ridesharing app or even walking to campus, they are focused on creating options that make the commute more efficient and safer for everyone.

Parking is a vital part of any urban environment, and limited space is a major challenge for many campuses. The goal is to provide options that are safe, efficient, environmentally responsible and affordable.

UAB offers a variety of parking for its students and employees, including lots and decks. Permits are available for purchase online through the Student Parking page, and each zone is assigned a permit limit to ensure availability.

Employees can also access free shuttle service on the Blazer Express system to reach remote lots. Shuttle service is provided by UAB Transportation, which operates six routes across the campus and medical district. Employees can request a shuttle pass by contacting the UAB Transportation office.

Carpools and other forms of alternative transportation are important to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. By reducing our “drive alone” rates, we can improve our ground-level ozone ratings, which will help Birmingham attract new industry and businesses to the city.


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