Wake Up and Ride - Wake County Transportation Announces New Ride Sharing Service

August 9, 2023

Wake County Transportation

Wake Up and Ride
Efficient transit connects people to work, school, leisure and services in a way that is friendly to the environment and supports community well-being. It creates opportunities for people without cars and provides freedom from dependence on a car for those who do not want to drive. And when well coordinated with smart land use planning, it can shape development patterns that foster economic growth and walkable neighborhoods.

This year, Wake is making a bigger investment in its transit system with a $2.3 billion, twenty-year plan to improve service and infrastructure and add bus rapid transit and commuter rail. This is in addition to the more than $2 billion already being invested in transit upgrades over the next two years. And unlike previous studies that determined the market couldn’t support light rail, this study will consider a variety of options and allow for public participation along the way.

But a nationwide shortage of bus drivers means that some routes aren’t getting staffed and students on those routes will need to find other ways to get to class. The county is asking school employees and community members with commercial driver’s licenses to volunteer, but parents are still struggling with the prospect of their kids being late for class.

The new Wake Up and Ride will let you book a ride with a simple app, pay onboard and track your vehicle until it arrives at the pickup location of your choice. You’ll also be able to transfer between GoTriangle, GoRaleigh and GoCary buses for a seamless trip across the region. The on-demand ride sharing service will be available this fall for college students only, but it will eventually expand to the broader community.


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