Water Leaking From Car When Heater is On

March 12, 2024

The average car holds a wide variety of fluids and if any of them leak it could be a big problem. Engine oil, coolant, power-steering fluid and even windshield washer fluid can all lead to serious problems if they leak. However, it's worth noting that water leaking from your car when the heater is on doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with any of these.

In fact, this is very common and usually caused by condensation. The air conditioning system creates a lot of condensation as it evaporates, and it often drains down the passenger side of the vehicle. It's also very common for exhaust condensation to accumulate under the vehicle as well.

Seeing puddles of liquid under your car is never ideal, but identifying what the fluid is can be tricky. You can usually tell whether it's water or another liquid by the color and smell. However, fluids can pool against a concrete surface and can easily blend in with the surrounding area. It's best to put a sheet of cardboard under the fluid and then move it away so you can see the color.

If the fluid dripping from your car is clear or looks yellowish, it's likely just condensation and nothing to worry about. It's a little more worrying if the fluid is a blue, green or yellow color as this could indicate a problem with one of the vital fluids in your car, such as oil or coolant.


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