WCPSS Transportation Announces Bus Driver Shortage

August 9, 2023

WCPSS is facing a bus driver shortage, according to an article on ABC 11. The district sent parents an alert that says some routes will not be available due to the issue. The district is asking families to carpool if possible or arrange other means of transportation for their children.

The district is currently trying to hire additional bus drivers to help alleviate the problem, but it will take some time before there are enough drivers to get all of the routes up and running. In the meantime, families should check their child’s school website for updates regarding bus routes and schedules.

Parents can also use an app called Here Comes the Bus to track the location of their student’s bus. The application will send a notification when the bus is within a specified radius of their home. It will also let them know when the bus has stopped at their stop, and when it is leaving. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The district has also been using videos created by students to promote safety at bus stops and on buses. The videos are being broadcast during morning video announcements and shared in classrooms. In addition to safety tips, the videos address the need for good conduct on buses. The videos are being used in elementary schools across the county. The videos were created by students with the assistance of their assistant principals and the WCPSS Transportation Department.


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