State Capitals Not On Interstate System

February 11, 2023

state capitals not on interstate system

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Interstate System

It's not just Americans who call them interstate highways; they're known world wide as machines of modernity and progress. Moreover, the United States' interconnected network of roads snakes its way across the continent, but the thing most people don't realize is that this impressive highway system was only built in 1956. It remains in top-notch condition today, ticking over like a well-oiled machine. So get out there and enjoy the beautiful views while you cruise down the freeway. Remind yourself that it's only been around for less than two generations!

What 4 State Capitals Are Not Served by the Interstate System?

It could be argued that Washington, D.C. isn't the only capital with special treatment. The interstate system has given an extra big boost to nearly all US state capitals, except for the four outliers. These are Juneau (Alaska), Dover (Delaware), Jefferson City (Missouri), and Pierre (South Dakota). Those unlucky four still don't get a glimpse of the oh-so glorious interstates, leaving them as surely some of the least popular road trips in America. After all, what sane person wants to drive several hours without being able to ease off while rocking out to classic highway jams?

Also, this curious fact is rarely discussed and begs us to ask the question: why? One could argue that these metropolitan areas already have an abundance of thoroughfares connecting the suburbs together. With states relying on major highways for regional economic success and residents having harrowing tales about rush hour traffic, it still remains an interesting quirk that these cities manage to exist relatively disconnected from each other.

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