What Are Bollards in Construction?

February 11, 2023

what are bollards in construction

What are bollards in construction?

Bollards are a common element of construction sites, but their role and function vary depending on the site’s design. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to delineate pedestrian areas or traffic zones.

Safety bollards are essential for any parking lot or roadway, helping drivers find their space while protecting pedestrians. They also create a safe area for cyclists and bikers.

High impact resistance bollards are constructed of deeply embedded steel pipe filled with cement and designed to stop a vehicle that crashes into them. They are most often installed in traffic zones, but can be placed in sidewalks, paved walkways or driveways.

Retractable bollards are another kind of removable safety barrier that can be lowered into the ground to allow vehicles through an area, or raised for security reasons or other events. These posts need no storage, but can be raised and lowered manually or automatically using a remote control.

Decorative bollards are often installed as a way to separate areas within a building, adding architectural flair and protecting pedestrians from vehicle traffic. These bollards may be simple, rectangular, or shaped like animals or buildings.

Traditional cast iron bollards are another type of durable, aesthetically pleasing bollard. They are usually finished in black and add a solid, serious look to any building.

Whether they are used for safety or as a decorative piece, bollards have a long and varied history. From marine and military applications to modern urban spaces, these stout posts have evolved into assertive visual deterrents that are a valuable part of any landscape.


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