What Are Kickers in Construction?

February 19, 2024

What are kickers in construction?

Kickers are an integral component of a building’s foundation that enhance its stability and load-bearing capacity. They are used to strengthen a concrete structure and help prevent deformations and potential structural failures due to lateral forces. In addition, they offer flexibility in architectural design by allowing builders to create taller and more open spaces without compromising stability.

A column kicker is a small concrete step that is constructed at the bottom of walls and columns to initiate the casting process. It is usually made from the same material as the concrete for which it will be cast to ensure consistency and integrity. This also helps to mitigate errors in the final positioning of a concrete wall or column.

Whether they’re made from steel, reinforced concrete, or masonry materials, kickers are designed to withstand the loads and environmental conditions they will encounter during construction. They can also be fabricated in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different application requirements. Choosing the right materials for kickers, ensuring professional installation, and conducting regular inspections and maintenance are essential precautions to take to protect the safety and longevity of these critical elements.

Traditional kickers feature diagonal braces that are positioned at regular intervals throughout the structure to provide stability and reinforcement. X-bracing kickers, on the other hand, are configured in an “X” pattern and are ideal for larger buildings that require greater resistance to lateral forces. These specialized types of kickers also allow for more design flexibility and are an excellent choice for structures that will be exposed to extreme weather conditions or seismic activity.


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