What Car Does Andy Reid Drive? A Humorous Insight

June 9, 2024

When it comes to understanding the personalities and peculiarities of NFL head coaches, their choice of car can provide some humorous and satirical insights. Here's a fun examination of what these selections may say about them, division by division.

AFC East

Rex Ryan (Bills)

Rex Ryan drives a custom Buffalo Bills pickup truck, showcasing his enthusiasm and deep connection with his team and fans.

Joe Philbin (Dolphins)

Philbin owns a Sebring convertible with a bumper sticker that humorously suggests he is trying to connect with the younger generation.

Bill Belichick (Patriots)

Belichick drives a practical but well-worn Subaru, reflecting his no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to coaching.

Todd Bowles (Jets)

The article humorously insinuates that Bowles' car choice is irrelevant because of Rex Ryan's potential interference.

"Andy Reid @ Fedex Field on October 16, 2011" by Matthew Straubmuller is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/.

AFC North

Marvin Lewis (Bengals)

Lewis opts for a reliable but unexciting Honda Civic, symbolizing stability without flair.

Mike Pettine (Browns)

Pettine presumably rents cars monthly, reflecting his job insecurity as a head coach.

John Harbaugh (Ravens)

Harbaugh's vehicle choice remains a mystery, adding an element of intrigue.

Mike Tomlin (Steelers)

Tomlin frequently changes cars, with a recurring theme of his vehicles being towed, humorously reflecting on unpredictability.

AFC South

Chuck Pagano (Colts)

Pagano’s Land Rover is often in the shop, mirroring his team receiving inadequate parts.

Gus Bradley (Jaguars)

Bradley drives an old Chevy Blazer, likened to his underdog team that fights despite the odds.

Bill O'Brien (Texans)

O'Brien manages a rusted-out Mazda, underlining his knack for extending the life of what's given to him.

Ken Whisenhunt (Titans)

Whisenhunt relies on others for rides, suggesting a perceived lack of control or stability.

AFC West

Gary Kubiak (Broncos)

Kubiak drives a hand-me-down CRV from John Elway, reflecting cooperative team spirit and history.

Mike McCoy (Chargers)

McCoy's choice of a Jeep Wrangler hints at his readiness for sudden moves and tactical flexibility.

Andy Reid (Chiefs)

Reid alternates between a red Ford Fiesta and a BBQ truck, humorously known for delayed reactions.

Jack Del Rio (Raiders)

Del Rio metaphorically lives on a houseboat, suggesting resilience and adaptability amidst challenges.

NFC East

Jason Garrett (Cowboys)

Garrett drives a Tesla, facing cultural pushback in Texas but emphasizing innovation.

Chip Kelly (Eagles)

Kelly owns an advanced hovercraft operated by a team player, poking fun at his unorthodox strategies.

Tom Coughlin (Giants)

Coughlin sticks with an old Nash Rambler, underscoring his longstanding presence and adherence to traditions.

Jay Gruden (Washington)

Gruden drives a flashy yet underwhelming PT Cruiser, hinting at style over substance.

NFC North

John Fox (Bears)

Fox was humorously asked to change from an ice cream truck for health concerns, adding a layer of team scrutiny.

Jim Caldwell (Lions)

Caldwell's practical car choices align with his broader emphasis on functionality, as endorsed by Consumer Reports.

Mike McCarthy (Packers)

McCarthy drives a Lamborghini with the emergency brake on, symbolizing untapped potential.

Mike Zimmer (Vikings)

Zimmer humorously drives a llama, nodding to his internet-savvy and unique personality.

NFC South

Lovie Smith (Buccaneers)

Smith's Lincoln Continental portrays reliability, contrasting with the team's performance speed.

Dan Quinn (Falcons)

Quinn’s Chevy Silverado aligns with his athletic and masculine image.

Ron Rivera (Panthers)

Rivera owns a modified Blue Ford Taurus with a nickname, emphasizing his strategic planning.

Sean Payton (Saints)

Payton's sponsor-given Mercedes, often in the workshop, parallels his rebuilding strategies.

NFC West

Jim Tomsula (49ers)

Tomsula relies humorously on a metaphorical bicycle, marked by team challenges and rebuilding phases.

Bruce Arians (Cardinals)

Arians drives a Fiat Abarth, humorously reflecting underwhelming performance against high expectations.

Jeff Fisher (Rams)

Fisher’s Dodge Ram 3500 mirrors his consistent yet frequently troubled coaching stints.

Pete Carroll (Seahawks)

Carroll drives in reverse, representing his unconventional and often risky strategies.

Through these humorous car analogies, we get a lighthearted peek into the personalities and situations of various NFL head coaches, revealing more than just their coaching styles.

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