What Car Does Billy Hargrove Drive in Stranger Things?

December 4, 2023

The hit science fiction-horror Netflix series Stranger Things has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique combination of supernatural elements and 1980s nostalgia. The show centers on a group of teenagers/pre-teens saving their hometown in Hawkins Indiana from supernatural monsters unleashed by a secret government project. One of the most distinctive elements of the series is the classic cars featured in each episode. Billy Hargrove, the intense and brooding high school bully, drives a blue Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that perfectly reflects his rough-and-tumble personality.

The filming of Stranger Things was done in late 2016 and early 2017, but the exact model used for the car was kept a secret. However, it seems that the filmmakers were aiming for a second-generation Camaro with the Z28 package. The Z28 was a sporty version of the popular muscle car that was designed for street racing and other risky activities. Billy’s Camaro is heavily modified and carries a mix of base trim and Z/28 features that give it a look similar to the Pontiac Trans Am.

In the show, Billy uses his Camaro to gang up on the Wheeler family at Starcourt Mall. He later drove the car to meet with Karen Wheeler at a hotel for non-professional activities, and it was in this vehicle that she was kidnapped by the Mind Flayer and transported to Brimborn Steel Works. When Eleven tried to contact Billy in the void, she saw him driving the Camaro outside the steel plant.


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