What Car Does Bronny James Drive?

February 4, 2024

Bronny James, the 18-year-old son of NBA superstar LeBron James, is making a big name for himself. In fact, he recently made the Sports Illustrated cover. While it may seem like a small feat for most high school students, the fact that he did it as part of his FaZe Clan e-sports team is even more impressive.

Bronny has been playing basketball for a while now and, as expected, his dad is very proud of him. He even went as far as to praise him during a recent interview. The young player has good lateral quickness and is very attentive off the ball. This makes him a very tough defensive player, something that his father also prides himself on.

While he hasn’t played any college basketball yet, he’s already one of the most valuable student-athletes in the country. According to ON3, he has a NIL valuation of $7.3 million and is one of the most popular student-athletes on social media. This gives him a lot of leverage in his endorsement deals.

As a result, it’s no wonder that Bronny has a luxury car collection to match his status as a student-athlete. He’s been spotted driving around Los Angeles in several different cars and, most recently, was seen in a Mercedes G-Wagon. The SUV has a sleek black exterior and custom wheels, which give it a menacing look on the road.

As expected, many people have taken to social media to express their love for the vehicle. Some even had a few jokes about it.


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