What Car Does Clint Eastwood Drive: Inside His Iconic Collection

June 2, 2024

Clint Eastwood, a name synonymous with rugged masculinity and iconic film roles, also holds a unique distinction as a car enthusiast with a penchant for rare and classic automobiles. His collection features an array of iconic cars, each with its own story and significance. Here, we delve into some of the most notable vehicles in Eastwood's collection, reflecting his exquisite taste and passion for motoring.

Mini Cooper S Traveller by John Cooper
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Mini Cooper S Traveller (1966)

Transformation by John Cooper

John Cooper, renowned for the Mini Cooper S, worked his magic on the Mini Traveller, transforming it into a motorsport-enabled two-door estate car. Only six Cooper S Travellers were produced, achieving cult status among car enthusiasts.

Clint Eastwood’s Mini

Among the notable owners was Clint Eastwood, who owned a Morris Mini Countryman equipped with Mini Cooper S racing gear. Describing it as "an interesting little car," Eastwood appreciated its rarity and customization. Initially offered in Old English White, Eastwood opted for a striking British Racing Green hue.

Ferrari 275 GTB (1966)

From Film to Ferrari

Eastwood's connection with the Ferrari 275 GTB began when producer Dino De Laurentiis gifted him the car as a gratitude gesture for starring in "The Witches." Originally a gunmetal grey, the car underwent a makeover by custom car maker George Barris, who repainted it light metallic green—a color fitting for the iconic V-12 coupe designed by Pininfarina.

Current Value

The Ferrari, which Eastwood no longer owns, has appreciated significantly in value, now estimated at over a million dollars. Barris also added a trendy CB radio, reflecting the customization trend of the time.

General Appeal and Customization

Classic Car Enthusiast

Eastwood's car collection showcases his deep-seated appreciation for classic and unique vehicles. Each car not only highlights his love for rare automobiles but also signifies his pursuit of personalization and exclusivity.

Themes of Uniqueness and Value

The story behind each car in Eastwood's collection emphasizes themes of rarity, customization, and enduring value—an apt reflection of his illustrious career and persona. Vehicles like the British Racing Green Mini and the meticulously restored Ferrari 275 GTB underscore his commitment to maintaining and celebrating the distinctiveness of classic cars.

Through his automotive choices, Eastwood not only indulges his passion for cars but also continues to solidify his legacy as a connoisseur of timeless elegance and performance.

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