What Car Does Dave Ramsey Drive? Financial Wisdom on Wheels

May 29, 2024

Many individuals aiming for a debt-free lifestyle find that driving used cars is a practical and financially sound choice. Avoiding new auto loans helps maintain financial stability and contributes to a healthier financial state.

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Reliability of Used Cars

It's a common misconception that new cars are inherently more reliable than used ones. However, many cars on the road today are over 10 years old, proving that longevity is achievable without resorting to new car purchases.

Personal Experience

For example, the author drives a 2011 Honda CR-V with over 170,000 miles and has not experienced any major issues. This personal history of owning cars that have reached over 250,000 miles demonstrates that high mileage and reliability can go hand in hand.

Brand Preference

When it comes to purchasing used cars, brands like Honda and Toyota are highly recommended. These brands are known for their reliability and longevity, minimizing the risk of early breakdowns and frequent repairs.

Cost Efficiency

Driving an old, well-maintained car with high mileage (150,000-200,000 miles) can be significantly more cost-effective. Older cars are typically cheaper in terms of registration, insurance, and maintenance compared to new cars. This cost efficiency supports the idea that used cars are a smart financial choice for those focused on reducing debt and increasing savings.

Encouragement and Motivation

Success stories from others who have benefited from driving used cars can be a great source of motivation. Individuals, particularly those in financial planning stages like 'Baby Step 2,' are encouraged to consider used cars over new ones. This decision not only helps avoid new debt but also supports long-term financial health.

Awareness of Maintenance Needs

While older cars may require more repairs and maintenance, the associated costs are usually lower than those of new car ownership. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can ensure that a used car remains reliable and efficient for many years.

Financial Perspective

From a financial standpoint, it is more prudent to drive a reliable, high-mileage used car when in debt. This choice helps avoid additional financial strain and allows prospective car owners to focus on the total cost of ownership, including depreciation, registration, insurance, and repairs. Adopting this perspective can be a crucial step towards achieving and maintaining financial stability.

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