What Car Does Jason Statham Drive in Wild Card?

February 18, 2024

Often typecast as a cool-car-loving action hero, Statham is a real car guy in real life. He once competed in Britain's national diving squad and won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games before launching his acting career. He has a collection of cars that would make a car buff drool. In the movie Wild Card, he drives a 1969 Ford Torino GT fastback.

In this heist film, Statham stars as a private security specialist who tracks down a low-level mob boss in order to get revenge on a friend. The film also features an excellent performance from Bosworth as the feisty lead bad girl and some great action sequences.

This is the movie that put Statham on the map. It is loosely based on the real-life ransacking of the Lloyds Bank branch in 1971. Statham plays honorable criminal Raymond Parker, the hard-boiled creation of pulp novelist Donald Westlake. This is a fun movie with a solid script, plenty of thrills and spills, and some excellent car chases and fight scenes.

A sleazy drug dealer tries to kidnap the daughter of the security expert who rescued him. The hero tracks down the gangster and saves his friend in this gritty crime thriller that has plenty of sleaze, drama, violence and some very nice cars. Statham is in fine form as the hero, displaying both his martial arts skills and his ability to run through a pack of bad guys like hot butter on a hot knife.


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