What Car Does Patrick Bateman Drive? A Mazda Miata Love Affair

June 11, 2024

The Mazda Miata is often regarded as more than just a car; it's an experience, an emotion, and an object of infatuation for many enthusiasts. Patrick Bateman, a self-proclaimed Miata fan, describes it as an "exquisite choice" and a "delightful little creature," emphasizing its playful innocence and near-perfection.

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Design and Aesthetic Appeal

One can’t discuss the Miata without mentioning its design. Bateman poetically notes the car's "sensuous curves," each calculated with precision. He likens the Miata to a living entity, with its lines wrapping around themselves, creating a visual symphony of steel and glass. This attention to detail makes the Miata appear as a masterpiece carved from pure artistry.

Driving Experience

The Miata may receive criticism for its lack of power, but Bateman shifts the focus to the driving experience. He describes the connection between the driver and the car as a spiritual bond. The "rev of the engine" becomes a heartbeat, and gear changes transform into an "exhale of pure ecstasy." This connection elevates the Miata-driving experience to a euphoric level, offering a unique thrill that transcends mere horsepower.

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Philosophical and Emotional Connection

Bateman's narrative delves deeper into an emotional and philosophical realm, where he speaks of becoming "one with it," merging his identity with the car’s "malevolent spirit." The resemblance between driver and machine emphasizes a joy rooted in the chase of the "horizon," surrendering to the "symphony of speed."

Rejection of Conventional Criticism

While some may critique the Miata for its underwhelming power, Bateman argues these critics miss the car's essence. His admiration is not from raw performance but the precision, charm, and unique driving experience the Miata offers. The Miata's appeal comes not from brute strength but from its harmonious blend of elements that create an unmatched driving delight.

The Miata’s Unique Allure

Described as an "Enigma on Wheels," the Miata captures the imagination of a select few who appreciate its seductive, almost "demonic" allure. It is a car for those willing to explore an intense, even risky, relationship with driving. The Miata entices its drivers with the promise of a deeper connection, one filled with adventure and a hint of danger.

Driving Philosophy

Bateman romanticizes the act of driving the Miata, describing it as living "on the edge in an eternal Tango with death." This philosophy encapsulates the thrill of driving the Miata: an adventurous, passionate lifestyle that goes beyond transportation. It's about embracing life with intense zeal.

The Mazda Miata, through Bateman’s eyes, is more than just a car; it's a passion-fueled symphony of precision, emotion, and perfect design. For those who understand its allure, the Miata offers an unparalleled driving experience, transforming even the ordinary drive into a journey filled with joy and excitement.

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