What Car Does Will Trent Drive? Exploring His Iconic Ride

June 1, 2024


Will Trent Season 2 Premiere: A Riveting Start

The Season 2 premiere of "Will Trent" sets the stage for a gripping mystery involving a car bomb and the death of a potential love interest for the protagonist, Will Trent.

Key Plot Points

The new season wastes no time diving into the heart of an intense storyline. A major twist involves James Ulster, an imprisoned serial killer who was revealed in Season 1 to have killed Will's mother and possibly be his biological father. This twist deepens the intrigue and raises the stakes for Will.

Character Insights

Will Trent (Ramón Rodríguez)

Will Trent is known for his distinct style, often seen in three-piece suits and driving a vintage Porsche. However, his suits are practical rather than luxurious, and he maintains an old pair of worn shoes, reflecting his humble approach to life.

James Ulster (Greg Germann)

James Ulster continues to cast a long shadow over Will’s life from prison, acting as an informant with critical information about Will's past. Ulster's character has a Hannibal Lecter-esque presence, adding a chilling layer to the season’s narrative.

Character Relationships

Will's relationships are pivotal this season. He begins to learn Spanish to connect with his biological mother, Lucy Morales. Unfortunately, his budding relationship with Agent Dawson is tragically cut short due to her sudden death in the premiere.

Agent Polaski

Will continues to navigate his complex relationship with Agent Polaski, marked by their shared difficult upbringing. Despite their close bond, the potential for romance remains unresolved due to possibly unhealthy dynamics.

Will and Betty

Adding a heartwarming touch to the show, Will’s relationship with his chihuahua, Betty, continues to delight viewers. Despite her small size, Betty plays a big role in Will's life, providing him with emotional support.

Cast and Performance

Ramón Rodríguez revels in portraying the vulnerabilities and growth of Will Trent, particularly his efforts to learn Spanish. Meanwhile, Greg Germann’s portrayal of James Ulster is dynamic and pivotal, enriching the storyline with tension and drama.

Behind the Scenes

Betty the chihuahua, played by Bluebell, remains a standout character. Despite the demands of the role, she adapts well to the set dynamics, bringing joy and positivity to the crew.

Realism and Representation

The show accurately portrays the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI), thanks to real GBI consultants. While the representation may not be perfect, the consultants appreciate the effort to depict their work and organization authentically.


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