What Continent Does the Equator Pass Through?

June 15, 2023

The equator is an imaginary line around the middle of a spheroid (like the Earth) or other celestial body, that divides it into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It crosses the continents of Australia and Oceania, South America, Africa, and Asia, along with three large water bodies – the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. It also passes through the islands of Kiribati, Indonesia, Maldives, and the Solomon Islands.

The Equator is the center of gravity of the world, and its location determines which hemispheres it lies in. The continents that lie completely in the Northern Hemisphere are North America and Europe, while those that are fully located in the Southern Hemisphere are South America, Africa, and Antarctica. Australia and Oceania, and part of Antarctica are also in the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the first continent the equator pass through?

The first continent the equator passes through is South America. Here you can find the Galapagos Islands, mind-blowing beaches, the Volcan Cotopaxi, the Amazon rainforest, and world-renowned heritage cities. It also has a bajillion species of wildlife.

From there, the Equator continues through the endless seas of the Pacific Ocean, passing close to Waigeo Island without actually touching it. On land, it reaches Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. The next continent it crosses is Africa, passing through Gabon, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe, and Madagascar.


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