What Did the Tornado Say to the Car?

January 25, 2024

Weather can be scary, especially when it's a tornado. These whirling winds can pick up anything, including cars. Then they spit it out on the other side of the road. That's what happened to a car in Berkeley County, South Carolina. It got hit by a tornado that came out of nowhere, according to local media reports. The driver was unharmed, but the car was ripped apart.

The storm caused widespread damage in the area, including downed trees and power lines. The National Weather Service said the tornado moved through the town of Moncks Corner, about 40 miles west of Charleston. It was classified as an EF-1 tornado, which means it had a base of 75 to a hundred yards across.

Some people may think the weather is getting a little crazy, but that's not the case for everyone. Even the calmest among us can be a bit twirly and whirl-y when we're in the middle of a tornado.

So what did the tornado say to the car? It asked the dude in it to move out of its way. That's what happens when you try to cut the twister off in traffic. Next time, the dude should pull over and let it pass. Tornadoes don't signal, so they're not the best lane changers. They also don't like to be stuck in a line of cars, either. That's why you always make sure to leave plenty of space when driving around them.


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