What Do Contractors Do in Construction?

February 9, 2024

In a construction project, there is no one person more important than the contractor. They are more or less the quarterback of a football team, and they make all the difference in whether a project is successful. The contractor takes on a wide range of tasks, from planning, leading and executing a building construction project to managing and overseeing the construction process.

Contractors provide their clients with blueprints and a scope of work for the project, which they then turn into a reality. They must be able to interpret the client’s vision and communicate it to workers, project managers and subcontractors. Contractors also handle administrative tasks, such as obtaining the necessary permits, meeting with Home Owners Associations or HOAs and scheduling code inspections. They can also provide materials for a project, order them and pay for their delivery, and manage the construction site’s utilities, onsite security and waste management.

A contractor must be able to establish a construction budget and follow it as closely as possible, identifying any expenses and detecting waste so they can adjust the project as needed. They are also responsible for hiring and paying their staff, ensuring that they have the right skill set and technical abilities to meet project goals, and tracking project progress while handling any significant changes that might arise during the routine construction process.

Finally, contractors are responsible for guaranteeing health and safety at the construction site by implementing adequate procedures and raising awareness. They also have to acquire all required contractor licenses and permits while covering any fees or taxes that apply.


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