What Do You Do in Construction Management?

March 6, 2024

Construction is an industry where many different types of projects need to be done. Whether it’s building new homes, retail outlets or power plants, there is always a need for skilled construction managers to oversee these projects. This is primarily due to population and economic growth, which requires new infrastructure and other buildings to be built.

Having a construction management degree can open up many paths within the construction industry. Prospective managers can gain experience through apprenticeships with a construction company or by working in various capacities on a construction site. They can also work as management assistants to senior construction managers or project executives.

The main responsibilities of construction managers are to coordinate with other team members, interpret plans and designs, and translate these into easy-to-understand instructions for the on-site teams. They also prepare budgets, manage a variety of administrative tasks, obtain necessary work permits and troubleshoot emergencies. They communicate with upper management to provide progress reports on a daily, monthly and/or quarterly basis.

Construction managers must also ensure that they stay up-to-date on any technological advancements that may come into play for their specific project. This includes using collaboration software to keep everyone involved with a project updated on any changes that could impact timelines and milestones.

Construction managers also have an ethical duty to ensure that they build a structure that is safe and satisfies the contractual agreement with their owner. If not, it can result in legal issues for the construction company and lost business for the client down the road.


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