What Do You Need to Work in Construction?

March 14, 2024

Unlike many office jobs, which require you to sit behind a desk all day and push paper around, construction workers get out into the field, wear protective gear, and work with their hands. There is a huge potential to travel as well because new building projects are happening all over the world. Those who choose to pursue careers in the industry may wish to consider a trade school or paid apprenticeship programs that provide specialized training.

Technical knowledge is essential in any skilled trade, and construction workers are no different. However, recruiters are just as interested in a worker’s soft skills and qualities as they are their specific knowledge of the trade.

Strong communication is necessary for building a team atmosphere and working collaboratively with other construction workers. It is important to be honest and quick when communicating issues, challenges, and questions on a project. This ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and by when. It also allows teams to work together to find solutions quickly and efficiently so projects can stay on track and finished on time.

Influencing abilities are important in construction because they can help to navigate difficult situations and obtain the necessary 'buy in' for meeting deadlines and budgets. These abilities include being able to see multiple perspectives, identifying the most feasible options, and providing others with the confidence that they will be able to complete their tasks effectively.


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