What Does a Developer Do in Construction?

February 5, 2024

What does a developer do in construction?

In a real estate context, developers initiate development projects and are responsible for project structuring, coordination and management. Their work involves liaising with the various project participants until property handover and project exit.

They may hire engineers, landscape architects, and civil planners to address project design; market consultants to help them determine demand and economic viability of a property or development; attorneys to handle agreements and government approvals; surveyors to provide legal descriptions of the land; and financial analysts to manage the budget. In the case of a hotel, a developer will also work with an architect to create a detailed plan of the property.

Developers are specialized in one or more software programming languages, and they write, debug and execute the source code that builds computer applications. They may also take on a number of other tasks including gathering requirements for software, designing or overall software architecture, and developing software documentation.

A developer may be employed by a computer hardware or software company, an IT consulting firm or even a construction firm. They are typically paid a salary in addition to commissions on the profits of applications that they develop and distribute.

The main difference between a real estate developer and a builder is that while both can work in the construction industry, a developer focuses on purchasing land to construct and then resell it, while a building contractor takes up renovation tasks that begin with planning a blueprint and ends with the completion of the built property for sale.


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