What Does a Transportation Agent Do?

August 10, 2023

What Does a Transportation Agent Do?

A transportation agent oversees the planning, scheduling, and routing of transport vehicles such as trucks and airplanes. They may also oversee the management of transportation services, such as cargo and freight logistics. Job duties include arranging pickups, tracking shipments, and preparing shipping documents. They also serve as a point of contact for clients, carriers, and stakeholders and handle customer service issues. Other responsibilities are managing procurement processes, including equipment research and testing, vendor contracts, and requisitions approval. They also manage budgets, negotiate contracts, and oversee the development of policies.

Transportation managers also help their staff members develop the skills needed for success in a specific role or industry. This includes providing guidance on the latest transportation technologies, helping to develop new services or offerings, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations. Other important qualifications include strong organizational skills, effective communication and negotiating abilities, and a high level of attention to detail.

A transportation agent typically works on a commission basis, meaning they earn their income based on the amount of freight that they secure for a particular freight broker. They are sometimes called sales agents because they often promote the services of the freight brokers that they work with. They may occasionally travel to visit transportation facilities or warehouses, meet with client representatives, or perform other job-related duties. Freight agents may also have a rolodex of their own that they use to source loads.


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