What Does a Transportation Specialist Do?

August 9, 2023

A transportation specialist oversees the planning and coordination of transportation operations in a range of industries. They are responsible for managing the transportation of products and resources, ensuring compliance with industry laws, and coordinating and facilitating the transport of goods. They are also skilled in scheduling and arranging routes to ensure timely delivery. For this role, a bachelor’s degree in logistics, transportation management, or business administration is usually required. Other qualifications include a clean driving record and experience in the transportation or logistics industry.

Strong communication skills are essential for this position as you will need to communicate with both customers and transportation team members regularly. You will need to be able to clearly explain instructions and update others on any changes in shipments or routes. You will also need to have excellent written communication skills for completing paperwork and data entry.

Problem solving is another important skill for this job as it can help you deal with any unforeseen issues that may occur during transport. For example, if a vehicle breaks down or traffic delays slow you down, you need to be able to find alternative routes quickly.

Finally, strong analytical skills are needed for this position as you will be analyzing information and making decisions based on it. You will be preparing and reporting product shipment documents, tracking shipping errors, and handling returns and damaged freight claims. You will need to use SAP ERP and TMS to prepare load plans that direct the timely, efficient pickup and return of customer product to company warehouses.


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