What Does a Zoo Engineer Do?

February 11, 2023

what does a zoo engineer do

What does a zoo engineer do?

Licensed Mechanical Engineers design habitats for animals, making sure that they are safe and comfortable. They use information about the animal’s needs and behaviour, as well as technical knowledge to create the best environment for each type of animal.

Zoos spend a lot of money to obtain new animals and build exhibits in order to keep visitors interested. They also need to be able to move animals between zoos and other places to help them breed, for example.

In a bid to prevent extinction, zoos also need to ensure that their animal populations are balanced. This involves assessing population growth and trends, breeding programs, invasive species control, pest control, disease management and conservation plans.

These studies require a strong understanding of biology and ecology, as well as an understanding of how animals behave in the wild. This can help zoo engineers create habitats that are as natural as possible for the animals to live in.

When designing a habitat, zoo engineers need to think about how the animal will interact with their environment, as well as providing space for them to relax and forage for food. Keeping them engaged is important because it can help them feel happy and stimulated.

Zoos also want to make their buildings as aesthetically pleasing as possible for visitors, so it is important that engineers can think of creative ways to do this. Using non-traditional structural framing systems or materials, for instance, can make a zoo look as natural as possible and can improve the guest experience.


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