What Does ABS Light Mean on Car?

December 4, 2023

If your ABS light is on, you should consider it a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The article below will explain what does abs light mean on car and what steps you should take to keep your safety system working properly.

The Anti-Lock Braking System is a standard safety feature that is able to prevent your wheels from locking up during extreme braking conditions. This is a crucial safety feature, especially in icy or snowy weather. The ABS system works by using sensors in each wheel to monitor how fast or slow it is moving. If the sensor notices that one wheel is moving much faster or slower than the others, it will adjust the brake pressure on that specific wheel in order to ensure that it keeps up with the rest of your vehicle.

Your car's wheel speed sensors feed information into the onboard computer that controls several different systems, including your ABS system. The computer will track abnormal signals from the sensors and notify you with a light on the dashboard if it detects any problems. It's also important to note that your wheel speed sensors are also linked to the traction control and electronic stability control systems, so it's possible that both of these will turn on at the same time if the ABS system has a problem.

The most common reason for your ABS light to come on is due to low brake fluid levels. In order for your ABS to work properly, the system requires constant brake fluid to maintain pressure in the hydraulic system. The computer will detect any drop in the brake fluid reservoir and illuminate the ABS warning light as a result.


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