What Does ADA Stand For in Construction?

March 17, 2024

We often hear people asking, “What does ada stand for in construction?” The answer is the Americans with Disabilities Act, which dictates the handicap requirements and stipulations that a building must meet. In fact, most local building departments will ensure that construction projects comply with ADA codes in order to receive the initial Certificate of Occupancy. This means that even small renovations and additions must follow ADA standards. This includes ensuring that a building’s elevators, ramps and restrooms are in compliance with ADA guidelines.

When it comes to commercial construction, many companies forget that ADA compliance is just as important as plumbing or electrical code. In fact, failure to adhere to ADA standards could lead to lawsuits. That’s why it’s important to work with a general contractor that is familiar with the laws surrounding ADA compliance.

New construction vs. alteration

The ADA defines “alteration” as anything that changes the usability of a building or facility. This can include remodeling, renovations, rearrangements in structural parts and the removal of barriers. However, the ADA does not consider normal maintenance activities such as reroofing, painting or wallpapering or changes to electrical and mechanical systems to be alterations unless they change the usability of a primary function area of a building or facility.

If you’re planning a Houston general construction project for your business, it’s essential to hire contractors who are familiar with the ADA regulations. This will help you avoid costly fines and future liability issues.


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